How to have an open mind and watch your MLM business grow internationally.

This post may come across as controversial but here it goes.

During the Anniversary of this past September 11 many of us heard the story of the of the Christian Pastor from Florida who was going to burn the Koran as a protest to the Muslim Mosque being planned near the site of the former World Trade Center. My intentions are not to debate the right or wrong of this mans actions but to bring to light an important aspect to building an international MLM / Network Marketing business.

While I was watching this story unfold over the days with millions of other people across this nation and around the world and whether he would actually carry out his actions, it struck me that this type thinking is not congruent in the world of International MLM.

Think about it. Each day that you are building your business, marketing, prospecting, talking to people on the phone you are interacting and building relationships with all kinds of people. You will find people who wear the poorest of clothes or the fanciest dresses. You will find people of different cultures, religions, race, color, tall, short, thin, large, male, female, married, divorced, single, gay, conservative, liberal, democrat, republican and the list goes on and on and on.

In fact, if you are building an international MLM / Network Marketing business, I guarantee you, you will find and meet people from the list above. People who may not hold the same religious or personal beliefs that you do. People who may be from a country that you know nothing about. People who may have experienced war.

To build an international MLM / Network Marketing business it is imperative, if you want to grow business around the globe, that you learn to understand that MLM / Network Marketing is a relationship business. It’s a relationship business that crosses many paths with different cultures and different faiths. As you build your business you learn that all these “different people” will have one common goal, a desire for a happier and successful life.

I am not advocating that you must change your beliefs and sacrifice anything you believe in. What I am saying is to be respectful and accepting of these differences. You may be holding some sort of judgement against a particular person for whatever reason but this person might become your greatest superstar in your downline.

So, if you find yourself having strong opinions about anyone for any reason and you want to build a large global MLM / Network Marketing business I encourage you learn to see them in a different light. As you do your business builders will remain strong and loyal. They will will know you care.

Appreciation from the Heart,

Richard De Haven

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  1. Chuck Holmes
    3 years ago

    Good point. This is definitely a relationship business and you need to be able to get along with lots of different types of people. This includes different genders, values, races, religions, etc. Having a narrow mind will keep you broke. Learn to become likable and get along with others. Improve your people skills and develop some charisma. That will help a lot.

    Chuck Holmes

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