Use the Treadmill Effect and Watch Your Business Explode!!!

A few years ago I heard the concept of the slight edge effect. The slight edge effect is going beyond one step. Doing that one extra thing that can have a compound effect on your success.

Intellectually I understood the concept but It never really was ingrained into my mind until the other day when I was at the gym.

I attend the gym with my friend to keep each other motivated and moving forward on our workouts. When we would use the treadmill side by side I would notice that he would burn more calories than I would and I wondered why. We would walk for the same amount of time and at the same speed but he routinely would burn at least 100 calories more.

So for the next few days I paid attention to his routine on the treadmill and noticed that he would set his incline at 3 while mine was set at 1. This slight increase on the treadmill was not much of a difference when it came to the incline but it created a greater result. So the next day I increased my incline to 3 and as a result I experienced greater results. I ended up burning about 110 more calories with this slight increase.

This is not any different than running your home based MLM / Network Marketing Business. Doing one simple thing slightly different, giving yourself a little extra push can create a significant increase in money and success overtime. In the moment the action may seem small and inconsequential but overtime the compound effect of doing that little extra will give you greater rewards.

For example, in your MLM / Network Marketing home based business, you can call 1 extra person a day. That’s 365 people a year. Take 2.5 percent of those 365 people who join your business and you will have at least 9 to 10 extra leaders in your MLM / Network Marketing business making you thousands of dollars and all you did was call one extra person a day.

Here is one thing you to remember when taking that extra step, in most cases, it does not require significant effort. So take this time and think about what little extra can you give in your MLM / Network Marketing business that will have a greater impact on your success.

Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Make one extra call a day ( Look at the example at the beginning of this post)
2. Add an extra 15 minutes a day learning or implementing one prospecting tip.
3. Wake up an extra 10 minutes earlier and take time to read something inspirational that can set the mood for the day.
4. Write one paragraph to an article you are creating.
5. Mail out one extra promotional material a day.
6. Meet someone new each day that you can add to your contact funnel.
7. and many more ideas that we can do to help grow our MLM / Network Marketing home based business.

The main point is that whatever you are doing now to grow your business increase the effort by just a notch and you will see amazing results over time. Go ahead, try it and watch your business explode!

Appreciation from the Heart,

Richard De Haven

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