Words that cause you to fail!

Speak no evil

Get rid of your ugly words.  Stop using words that cause you to fail.

Words!  They have the power to make a difference.  To change your life or someone else’s life.  They have the power to incite anger and hatred.

They also have the power to heal, bring peace, and express love.

Words can be simple in expression or complex in meaning.  Words can be strong together poetically. (Rose are Red, Violets are blue, Sugar is sweet so are you)

Words can instantly change your emotions.  They can inspire excitement or dread.

In MLM, our words can help others believe they to can have a greater life filled with Prosperity and Joy.

In MLM, the right words can cause someone to move toward you and want to learn more of what you offer.

The right words can make a headline stand out.

The right words can inspire you to look within.

The right words can help someone see there is another way to a prosperous life.

When speaking of our personal affairs use words that paint a picture filled with Joy, laughter and prosperity.

Do not use words to speak of yourself or others in a way that infers failure of any kind.

Pay to attention to how you speak to yourself and others.  Are your words filled with certainty of success?

Are your words giving the impression of advancement?

Do your words express confidence in yourself and especially in others?

Do your words say, I believe in you!!

Words can literally move mountains and change your life for good!

Appreciation from the Heart,

Richard De Haven

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  1. Chuck Holmes
    3 years ago

    I think we are all our own worst enemy. Everyone has fears and doubts, but you have to make sure that your self talk is positive. Many people sabotage their own success. I know I did for a long time. Do affirmations. Speak positively to yourself. Look for the good in things. Program your mind to be positive. That should help a lot.

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